South Hills Rifle Range

 We are family owned and operated since 2015. We offer a variety of shooting distances from 100-1060 yards. We have concrete shooting benches that are covered as well a prone shooting area. 100 and 200 yard back stops are paper targets and steel gongs at 350, 500, 560, 700, 765, 865, and 1060 yards.

We cater to the Long range enthusiast that is wanting to hone their abilities.

No rapid fire from Semi-auto rifles and No rifles over .338 caliber allowed.

This is not a public shooting range that is open every day, you must call ahead to reserve your shooting date and time. 

-Price per individual is $50.00 up to 3 hours per session. 

 *Groups of 4 or more 20% discount.

We offer morning or afternoon sessions. 

We also now have a course that will put shooters abilities to the test!

Check out the Long Range Hunter Course page!