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Full DayCourse or Half Day course available

We have a minimum of 3 shooters and a maximum of 6

Group discounts available please call for info

Lodging available for $75 per night and also includes access to our Range.


The Long Range Hunter Course has been designed to test the ability of a Long Range Shooter, and is separate from the Rifle Range. 

Each station has unique shooting situations that replicate a real hunting situation, this course will teach a shooter their limits in a hunting situation. It is also great practice for a Long Range enthusiast shooting competition or just for fun.

We currently have 13 stations some stations have multiple targets,  32 possible shot situations total. The full course with 6 shooters will take all day (daylight to near dark) to complete. The Half day course contains roughly half of the full day's shot situations.

Qualification for this course is required. The Evolved Ballistics Training course will qualify you. You can also qualify the day before or sooner by coming out to the Range and showing the safety and skill level necessary to go through the course.

Each group is guided by a knowledgeable SHRR representative, this is mandatory and non-negotiable. 

We can walk the course, but it is a hike and strenuous especially during the hotter months. We can also ride the course on a side by side which is recommended. The whole group will have to do one or the other. 

Bring all items that you would normally use to shoot/go hunting with, and 50-100 rounds to shoot.

Please call Will Watson with any questions and for reservations 830-486-8415

This course is like no other shooting course around, I look forward to hearing from you!