First experience at a long distance rifle range. After arriving at the ranch I met with Will Watson, Bill Watson, & Josh McDaniel all very knowledgable and great people to work with. Safety is definitely number one for these folks, will be going back again soon.

Eric Chapman-Chapman Rio Hondo. 

I got interested in Long range shooting about 3 years ago. In this time I spent long hours researching and learning as much information as I could. My understanding of the information had served me well but I could not consistently shoot to my expectations. I had been interested in attending a Long range shooting class to help me tune my skills. All of the classes I found were at least $1500 or more plus travel expenses and I couldn't shoot my own rifle. I heard that a new rifle range had opened near Hondo and was offering a Long range shooting class. After some information gathering I put together a group of shooters and booked our class. Going into the class we all had our reservations about what we would get out of the class. After an hour on day one we all knew that we had made a great decision. By the second day I was shooting at a new level of precision and my understanding of information used in making Long range shots was all starting to make sense. The range at South Hills Ranch is very good and thanks to the Watsons for offering shooters this opportunity. Also thanks to Evolved Ballistics and Dale Robinson for offering and instructing the class. I look forward to any future classes and shooting the new Long Range Hunter Course.

Thanks again, Walter Hamner